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January 24th, 2009, 04:54 PM
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Hello my name is Vanessa and I am a 28 year old mother of a beautiful 4 year old daughter named Kendall.

She was born with Ocular Albinism and diagnosed with it at 6 months. She also had a real bad case of Nystagmus that is not quite as noticeable but it's definitely still there. The strabismus has always been there but has recently gotten much much worse. We have been patching her on and off for the past 3 years. The reason I say on and off because she refused to wear it during ages 2-3. But has gotten much better the past year.

Can you please share your stories on your children if they have Ocular Albinism, Strabismus, Nystagmus? When did they become diagnosed? Do you do or use anything special? Do any of your children wear glasses? The more information you can share on this the better. Thanks.
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