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January 24th, 2009, 08:40 PM
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My doc left a message on our machine today saying that my blood test results came back perfectly normal. (That's of course not including the anti-thyroid antibodies being high). Not sure if he meant the ANA was also negative, because it doesn't really make sense that it would be positive (at a high titre), and then negative the following week. He's probably just meaning the test for the scleroderma antibodies came back negative, which is totally AWESOME!!!! I'm still going to see a rheumatologist, and I will definitely mention the high anti-thyroid antibodies and my symptoms and see if I can take a T3/T4 replacement instead of just the T4. Maybe all these symptoms are just from the hypothyroidism that isn't properly controlled, even though my blood hormone levels read okay. Or maybe he'll check into something else. But for now I'm just thrilled that it doesn't look like scleroderma!

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