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January 25th, 2009, 03:36 AM
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Well on Friday after 4 pm I callled Rich at work and told him 'Come home NOW' as I was having those pulling contractions and was very irratable. By the time he got home(an hours drive)I had a horrible migrane headache going on.

We get to L&D, hooked up to the monitors and that wonderful IV and my BP was 167/95. I have never had a problem with high BP, never. So then the battery of tests blood, urine, checking for pre-eclampsia. My headache didn't go away until I got a shot of Dimeral which burned my vein OUCH!! My BP was down to a more normal number 143/67. The contraction stopprd about 1am. By this time I was doing a 24 hour urine test so I knew there was going to be no baby.

By about 9am my OB came in checked me, I'm at 3cm woohoo and said I could go home, keep my u/s and check up appt for Tuesday. So we will see what is going on from there.

I came home a slept on the couch with Zach, Wesley and Sebastian cuddled on me(yeah they missed mommy lol)until it was time to go to my neice's birthday party. I did have to take the 24 hour catch uo to the hospital and get a blood draw after 8,

I did get a few scrapbook pages done and started after we got home from that. My neice's birthday page is missing 2 pics that my sis took for me and is going to email. One of the pages I've started is called False Alarm, which has a pic of all the baby stuff set up in the hospital and a pic of me thaat Rich took of me looking not so good lol(that one will have to wait until I finish the one use camera).

So no Cody yet

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