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January 25th, 2009, 02:42 PM
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Thanks for the articles!
I'm 19, so because I breastfeed I barely ever go anywhere without Izzie, and havn't had my first 'legal' drink since i've been preg/bfing for so long, so some of my friends are always tell me I should stop breastfeeding her then I can go out or drink. Not that easy and I'm happy being a mum not out partying! I don't mind feeding at all now we're down to 3-4 feeds a day.Other then the fact I get teethmarks even though she's not biting me, ouch!
and people are always like.. Isn't it creepy feeding her when she is running around and has teeth and can say a few words .

I'm sorry your friends don't understand. Hon, why not join a LLL or breastfeeding support group in your area? You might make some new contacts that can better support you. WTG for being a mature, responsible teen mom!


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