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January 26th, 2009, 02:33 PM
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Hi, Marie.

Sorry I've been MIA. I was off work all last week sick - most wicked headcold I've ever had. I literally felt stoned for 3 days straight and didn't move off the couch. My poor DS has been sick for almost 10 days as well. Feeling better today (though still really tired) and motivated again. I managed to lose 1.4 lbs (even while enjoying comfort foods) so I'm at 270.0 and have exactly 30 lbs to go til we can do our next injections cycle. I must remember that I'm down 14 lbs from my highest and that's awesome.

I ordered the Biggest Loser cookbook and fitness book and received them last week. I started reading them on Sat. and was actually very impressed with the meal plans - very well though out, well planned and easy to follow. I'm trying out some of the recipes this week and getting back with my IR diet (which is basically what the BL meal plan is).

Yesterday was a pretty good day and today is great so far. I've been feeling the "I want sugar" nag for the last 30 min. even though I know i'm not hungry. I almost went for a hot chocolate but had gum instead. It's a long road of course but every day is a new day.

I'm still very lethargic from being sick (and my lungs take a while to recoperate due to a prior illness). That being said, I'm focusing on food this week. If I get in some exercise, great, but I'm concetrating on the meal planning and water for now. I've got the week planned out. The end of the week will prove a challenge since it's my birthday on Thurs. and we'll be eating at my mom's Thurs, girlfriend's Sat and inlaws Sun.

How was your weekend?
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