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January 26th, 2009, 04:47 PM
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Since I just gave birth, this is fresh in my mind....hope this helps. This is what we needed and what helped me for the birth and after....

We needed a hose for the birthing pool (a lead free one), paper towels, kleenex, flexible straws, 2 large bowls (for placenta and one for either barf bowl or cold water compresses), washcloths (cold water compresses), flashlight and batteries, hand mirror, laundry basket for dirty towels, heating pad (used to keep baby blankets warm), lots of diapers, baby wipes, tons of blankets, baby hats/caps, baby socks, thermometer, nursing pads, lanolin, Arnica (is great for sore muscles/bruising- I've been taking lots of it, it's great), tons of water bottles, gatorade or recharge or vitamin water, chapstick, massage oil, hair ties or elastic hand bands.

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