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January 27th, 2009, 11:38 AM
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Yeah, I'd say if your son has only one middle name to go with one middle name for your daughter. Having one child with 1 mn and another with 3 mns, that really looks out of balance. But then, lots of people do not even like sibsets. So, go with whatever you're comfortable with.

But, the two names you gave are quite a mouthful, especially when you attach the last name to them. Also, I do not care for 3 names back to back with 2-syllables each. You could always save 2 of the names if you have another daughter.[/b]
Well, we're not planning on having another kid.. if we want a third we're going to adopt, and they already come with names. So this would be it. =/ You see my dilemma.. haha
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