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January 27th, 2009, 01:57 PM
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January 27, 2009

I am writing this as a way to keep track of everything as I am slightly forgetful. I wasn't trying to get pregnant, but I believe I did manage to get pregnant. I have the normal signs of a pregnancy, plus I have been pregnant before when I was 20. I had a miscarriage with my first. I may have been pregnant a second time, but I was not sure since I had a really really bad period with that one as well. Now I am almost positive I am about 3 weeks pregnant.

I have not tested yet, but my gut instincts tell me I am. With my first (loosely known as "Hornell" for where was concieved, though that would not have been his name if he'd have been born. I don't know what it was as I miscarried 2 months into the pregnancy. I always felt it was a boy.) I had major cramps, cravings, but no morning sickness. This one, I have fit into everything with. I've started to gain a little weight, which is odd to me because I can't gain weight to save my life. things are tender that normally aren't. I have minor cramps sometimes in the morning followed by nausea.

I hope I can carry this one. I feel that I'm not going to lose it, but what I feel and what happens are two different things. The father, I am no longer with him, but he is excited over it. He is the one who suspected I was pregnant because of all the things I was complaining about. Right now, he is not my worries. I just don't want to lose this baby because it was so hard for me the first time. I love children, and while I wasn't planning on having any until much later, maybe this is a way of saying its better to do it now than then. My main fear right now is losing this baby. It deserves a chance at life like the rest of us got. I know it doesn't make much sense, but I miss the baby I didn't have.

Q. When is the best time to get an epidural?
A. Right after you find out you're pregnant.
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