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September 7th, 2004, 03:14 PM
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Originally posted by Momtotwinsplus3@Sep 7 2004, 12:01 PM
Holy moly, 5 kids!!! Are they ALL yours? Or does your DH/SO have children from previous relationships???

They're all mine.* Shaun * was born Janurary 2, 2001, and died Janurary 5th 2001. Laqueta turned 2 years old on May 18th of this year, Kylen is 9 months old tomorrow(9-8-04) he will turn one year old 12-8-04, and my newest arrivals, Joshua & Jeffery are twin boys, born 7-27-04, they are 5 weeks old. The twins were born 8 weeks early(if your trying to figure out how theyre a month old and Kylen is only 9 months old lol), they were due September 29th 2004. They are all my husband & I's children. We were married February 14th of this year. And when the boys get to be a little bit bigger( around 6mos-1 year) we are going to start trying for another baby.* I dont wanna wait that long, but due to the stress that I'm put under with all 4 of my children running around now, I decided that it would be better to wait. Stuart is gone from 7am to aorund 6 pm, so I'm at home by myself with the kids(i"m a sahm) so it's hell, and I couldn't handle another baby around this house right now, as badly as I want to be pregnant. lol. But yeah, they're all mine & hubbys. No step children here.
WOW!!! Kylen is only seven months older than his little twin brothers! I guess it must be like having triplets! Congrats for your big and beautiful family... you should be a great mommy!

By the way, I am sixteen years old (born on February 29th, 1988), I have a cute and playful little boy, Dante, who was born on July 15th, 2003... I\'m a single mommy and happy and proud with my beloved son!
"My beautiful Dante... this first year together has been so wonderful... you make me the happiest mom of the world! Thank you, son, I love you so much!"</span>
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