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January 29th, 2009, 09:56 AM
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My 4 year old has strabismus (among other issues). We first noticed it last summer just a couple months before she turned 4. She kept closing 1 eye. When we got her to the pediatric ophthalmologist, she said our ddís vision in that one eye was very poor so she stopped using it. As a result it went ďlazy.Ē First she got glasses to improve her vision. After a month of glasses, she got a patch. First we did the patch 24 hours. That gave her much improvement but hasnít totally fixed her eye so we are still patching 4 hours a day. Luckily, we got a pink and a purple patch so she was okay with it. She does complain now and then (like when she hits her head due to her monovision) but itís not bad.

Lindsay - I'm not sure about the tests that you posted but my dd is having an ERG (electro-retino-gram) next week. They are going to test the activity in her retina. She has choroideremia which is also a blinding condition though girls are usually just carriers while boys get the full onset of the disease. it's unusual for a 4 year old girl like her to show symptoms. I'm glad you are at the Children's hospital. We've been going back and forth between our Children's Hospital and the Eye hospital.

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