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January 29th, 2009, 10:34 AM
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I totally look for sales, but I also have a master budget and master shopping list. That way I know exactly how much is alloted a catagory and I also know what all in that Catagory is needed. For example:

On my budget I may have $45.00 set aside for household expenses

Then my master shopping list states those expenses are:

1. Shampoo
2. Tp
3. diapers

etc. So, then with diapers I know that there is a place in town giving away diapers to needy famlies, shampoo at walmart is cheaper than the dollar store and the grocery store has a good ongoing deal on TP

Then my list looks like this:

1. Shampoo (0.19 at walmart)
2. TP (1.00 at save a lot)
3 diapers (parent help stop)

I may find Kmart has a sale the rivals save a lot one month and go there instead... but I never waver from the items found on my master list. My theroy is, it is better to have what you need on hand than to have to rush out and get it or scrmp for it later. Maybe I'm woohoo, but I've actually made a couple of bucks off of unwise neighbors who would pay ANYTHING for one of my 10 bottles of shampoo. Lol!
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