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March 19th, 2005, 06:19 PM
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Originally posted by Alisteal@Mar 19 2005, 12:43 PM
Ok hun calm down first. And take a deep breath. If I was there I would THROTTLE your dr. First we didn't see my daughter's heartbeat untill 8 weeks. and I DID m/c her twin. My progesterone levels were on the low side and I DIDN'T Loose her.

* I suggest you find another DR ASAP and DEMAND an U/S RIGHT away. One thing I need to tell you DON'T let them do a D&C WITHOUT another U/s! My friend had this done to her and it turns out her baby had been alive!
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I'm new to this board so not sure if I can send a general post or not to all of you wonderful please know this is for all 3 of you who replied above...THANK YOU!! I had a feeling I came to the right message boad for some reassuring words . As far as how far along I thought I was...really I'm not positive because being pregnant in the first place was such a surprise (my fiancee was told he couldn't have children...ha, now isn't that ironic, more dr.'s who were WRONG!! LOL!! But I very well may be a week or 2 sooner than the Dr. originally thought. We have plans to have another U/S done on Monday and even if that doesn't go as hoped, we'll get a second opinion before taking any drastic meausures i.e D&C since this current Dr. hasn't really earned our trust. And in the event all is well (as I pray every minute that they will be), I will be getting a new Dr. as you all suggested. Oh and by the way I have had absolutely NO miscarriage symptoms(no spotting, no cramping) but do have lots of pregnancy symtoms (nausea, metallic taste in my mouth, mood swings, extremely tired, and sore breasts).... Anymore thoughts on that?? Would love to hear your opinions.........
Thanks again, Norina
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