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January 29th, 2009, 12:03 PM
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I am a sixteen (almost seventeen) year old girl in California. I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant 23 weeks. I know I can't care for a baby, even with all of my family's support. I'd rather place it in a better home so that is why I chose adoption. Along with that reason, I was adopted by my step-dad who is caring, loving, awesome, and been there for me forever (since I was four). I can't imagine life without him. My mom was adopted by my grandparents who are wonderful. I am really close to my family and I think it will be nice to bless a family with a baby like my grandma was blessed with my mother.

I know I'm jumping forward a little bit; I don't know the first thing about giving up a baby for adoption. I don't know much about babies PERIOD! But last night I was laying in bed and thinking about it. (couldn't fall asleep!!!) I had these little images of the birth (totally scary) going through my mind. I decided that I want the mother that is going to adopt my baby there in the delivery room with me, if possible, and if she wants to be. She will be the one raising it and maybe it will make a stronger mother-child connection. Is it odd that I would want the woman raising the baby there instead of my own mom?
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