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January 29th, 2009, 12:48 PM
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I was taught how to make crystal wands originally so they may not be your idea of a traditional Pagan wand - that's because they weren't!

Abundance wand:

This one was made for one of my assignments on my crystal healing course. It's made of copper piping and holds three citrines inside it, and the clear quartz is literally wedged in each end. It's worked for me!

Manifestation wand made in 2006:

This was to manifest a particular wish, and it worked in the space of about 2 moon cycles - which was completely unexpected. I made the mistake of making it for a particular wish instead of making it so it could be re-charged with new wishes/goals/etc. Beautiful wand though, I still hold it sometimes just to feel its energy. It has quite an explosive mix of crystals inside it.

I will be making a new wand when the waxing moon gets a little larger - this time with a piece of Elm:

I won't be doing too much to it, except somehow fixing crystals inside and/or outside. I may use some ribbon at the bottom and I am after a large enough amethyst point for the top.

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