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January 29th, 2009, 07:21 PM
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I don't know that this will be much help, but I attended a birth back in May of a very close friend. The baby ended up being stillborn because the cord slipped through and the head pinched the cord. I did a great deal throughout her pregnancy for her because she has some liver complications, and I can tell you I was very much looking forward to watching my first birth. I could not believe how devastated I was after that birth. I had never grieved that hard in all my life, and most of my family are deceased so I've done a lot of grieving.

Just from watching it happen leaves me with a little nervousness about my own next homebirth. However, I just believe that God will take care of us and give us the strength we need if we should have to go through that. Even in a hospital the chances of survival are 2% in a situation like that, and of the 2% about half are disabled in some way.

This same friend had a baby before her loss that had a complete knot in the cord as well. However, with that birth she stayed completely dialated for six hours without the urge to push, and that is what helped to save the baby's life. She had no idea before hand that there was a knot.

I imagine it will be trying for you to birth at home now.
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