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January 30th, 2009, 08:34 AM
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I felt similar to Heather. I was 16 going on 17 and my DH (boy friend at the time) was 18. I knew we were going to give her up for adoption and we had already picked out her parents. I just didn't want them at the hospital when I gave birth. I figured it was the only time for me to be a mom. I ended up having a c-section and before I got out of recovery my MIL had called her parents to come see her. They weren't allowed in because I wasn't awake yet. I hadn't even set eyes one her and when I did wake up, I asked them for a couple hours alone with her before they came to visit. I was so upset with MIL and FIL for disregaurding my wishes and putting me in the position of telling her parents to leave. I just needed that time with her.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I wanted to be knocked out during the delivery and have the baby taken away before I saw it. As time went on and I got to know her in my womb, I changed my mind. (Not that they knock people out anymore anyway.) I guess what I'm saying is, what you want right now may not be what you want by the time your close to delivery. I wouldn't make any promises to adoptive parents about being there right now, give yourself room to change your mind.

Also, you're doing a really good and beautiful thing. Try to tell yourself that alot and try to believe it. I didn't believe it, I didn't believe anyone realized how hard it was and how much I wanted to do the right thing even though they all told they did. So, try to believe it, your a good person doing a wonderful thing.
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