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January 30th, 2009, 02:06 PM
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You know, that's a REALLY good question. I think the answer will be totally different for each person too! :-)

The things I read that would help totally went out the window and I did what just came naturally to me during intense moments. Actually throughout my entire labor and birth of my first baby (just from transition on) I kept my eyes closed and focused only on releasing every muscle in my body so that I wouldn't tense up and so that my uterus could do it's job without interference. I opened my eyes only once and was completely distracted and freaked out to have my midwives/husband all gathered 'round, watching back to closed eyes. I liked silence and quiet voices if talking needed to be done. I made sure to do cleansing breaths before and after my contractions and just focused, focused, focused on the whole realease of my body. It takes a lot of mind control and practice (active practice) on realeasing your every muscle and not tensing. Tensing up causes pain. I have had 3 pain free births. NOt to say they were easy's the HARDEST thing I've ever done, but it was quiet, and working, and not painful in an OUCH sort of sense. My next two births were exactly the same w/much shorter pushing times and I was able to do what I needed to do with my eyes open for more of it. I do totally focus INWARDLY would have been a distraction. Candles would have meant nothing to me. Quiet was everything to me...not being touched was everything to me...not having people staring at me is a big big thing for me! ha ha. Hope some of this helps.

I say READ UP, ask questions etc. BUT when you're in labor you'll find your own groove and you'll throw out what doesn't work for you and you WILL find what does. Just remember to RELAX and RELEASE. Release your body to do it's job without your interference. That's the BEST advice I can give you.[/b]
Ditto! I spent most of my first labor from transistion on with my eyes closed and concentrating on relaxing each of my muscles and breathing. However, with my second birth she came so quickly that I never really got a handle on my breathing and spent most of the time "coaching" myself out loud like " relax, relax, you have to relax, no don't clench your fists, just breath, OMG I'm not ready for this, no focus! relax, you have to remember to breath" So it really depends on the labor I think.
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