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January 30th, 2009, 02:13 PM
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I didn't expect to have to push for an hour and a half with my first baby (I've only had home births) I also planned on moving around quite a bit, but in the end found it much easier to relax and concentrate while sitting still or lying down, plus I kept throwing up if I moved around to much. I also planned on geting out of the water for the actual birth, but in the end I liked the water so much I just had her in the water.

For my second I never expected her to come so fast or the labor to be that intense that fast. I had planned on shaving my legs and braiding my hair, nothing like that happened! hahaha! I also never planned on pooping in the pool while pushing, but what can you do?

But they were still such amazing experiances I would never trade them for anything! Home birth all the way!
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