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January 30th, 2009, 04:37 PM
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My name is Margaret. I am 29 and DH is Tim. We have a 17 month old son - Luke and our second son Eli, arrived Monday evening!

We had an unplanned unassisted home birth! Luke's labor was SO long and so many things happened during his labor and delivery that I had not wanted and so I was determined that things would go differently this time around. Boy did they ever! I started having regular contractions around 3:30pm. I told Tim but definitely down played it and convinced myself that it was false labor and they would likely stop. Over the next few hours the contractions became closer together and became much more intense but they never lasted for over a minute and so I convinced myself it wasn't time to call anybody. We were planning to go to a birth center for this birth and I was actually really excited to experience a labor and birth at the birth center with wonderful midwives rather than at the hospital but I was determined not to sound the alarms early and not to get sent home because of lack of progress. (with Luke I was stuck at 4cm for over 24 hours and all the while having very regular contractions less than 3 minutes apart)
Around 7:30pm I got in the bathtub and by that time I couldn't deny the fact that I was really in labor but because the contractions were not lasting a minute each I told myself to get ready for a long night ahead - they were coming right on top of each other though and I definitely should have known better. I tried to shave my legs, knowing that i might not have another chance but I also started to feel the urge to push. I was so convinced that labor would last a long time though that I got angry with myself and thought my "urge to push" was really me tensing my muscles and fighting the contractions rather than relaxing and moving with them. I got out of the tub and a contraction hit - I dropped to my hands and knees and from that point on couldn't move. The contractions were right on top of each other and with the next one my bag of waters bulged out and then broke. I called for Tim and told him he should call our midwife. Up until that point though all he knew was that I was having some contractions and so when he heard the urgency in my voice he thought I was being dramatic - he also was expecting a very long drawn out labor.
The rest happened quickly and is kind of a blur - I was yelling at Tim to pack the car but reality soon hit and I yelled at him to get in the bathroom. He still thought I was exaggerating and was on the phone with our midwife. I yelled for him to put Luke down and come in because I could feel the head! It wasn't until he saw the head crowning that he believed me, said "Holy Crap! that is a head" and barely had time to drop down and catch Eli as he came out. Poor Eli was wrapped in the used hand towel from our bathroom. The midwife told him to call 911 - I really wish we could have just waited for her to arrive and not go to the hospital at all but it didn't work out that way. The paramedics arrived shortly after - about a million of them - and by that time I was turned over sitting holding Eli. He came out absolutely perfectly - pink, crying, wonderful!! The paramedics are obviously trained for emergencies and to give them a break, they didn't know exactly what they would find, if the baby was full term etc etc but Tim and I spent the first few minutes convincing them that everything was fine, there wasn't any emergency, birth is very natural and we were all healthy and happy!! On the way to the hospital they tried to give Eli oxygen but I knew he was absolutely fine and so I just kindly told them that I would just breastfeed instead.
Anyway, we are all great. Eli weighted 7lbs 13ozs and I feel 100 times better than I did after Luke was born. They kept offering me drugs at the hospital and I could honestly say that I have not felt one speck of soreness or pain - no tearing, no swelling - no time for any of that!! And Eli came out looking so much better than Luke did! I am a little disappointed that I didn't get to go to the birth center and that we ended up at the hospital but Tim did an awesome job and maybe next time we'll get our birth center birth - now Tim and I know better than to wait around too long!!

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