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January 31st, 2009, 12:31 PM
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I always drink vitamin water during my labor and for a few days afterwards to help fight dehydration as my milk comes in. I just get soooo incredibly thirsty!! Olive oil for the babies but, so you can clean off those first couple meconium poops.
Lanolin, you never know if you'll need it.
The water squirt bottle, for cleaning up without toilet paper.
I always want chocolate during recovery, so thats important.
And my immune system seems to take a bit of a hit after giving birth, cause I always get a sore throat for a few days, so I always want to have on hand a big bottle of Vitamin C, my Midwife said you can take as much as 1000 mg an hour to fight a bug, plus it can help soften up that first scary bowel movement!
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