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January 31st, 2009, 05:39 PM
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Thursday Paige had her 3 yr appt. This is the first time she has seen the new pedi (that I LOVE). I was both nervous and excited going in to the appt. Nervous that she wouldn't have gained any weight but excited because the new dr had such good suggestions for Alexis' bedwetting and Claire's not sleeping.
Her weight - She was 16lbs 15oz when she was last weighed about 6 months ago. Her current weight is 19lbs 5oz!!!! Now I know that doesn't sound like much but I will take what I can get. A gain is a gain.
Her head - Her head circumference has been 40cm since she was 4 months old. It is now 41cm!!!!! Yes, again I know that isn't much but for us it is HUGE because we didn't think her head was going to grow any more AT ALL. The nurse even measured 3 times to be sure. So this means that her head is capable of growing more!!!!!!!!!!
Next the Dr and I were talking about all the tests that she's had done and all the specialists she's seen and how I had stopped taking her to those appts when i was preg with Claire because I already had to take off work for her physical and occupational therapy along with all my dr appts and I couldn't take off work anymore plus I was mentally at my breaking point I said that I kept up with neurology cuz I felt that was important and of course opthamology cuz she had the surgery a year ago - after my boycotting of all specialists lol. He said yes please keep up with these 2 and not to worry about the rest for now. She's due for her 3yr neurology and I said that i do plan to call and make this appt and that she has another followup coming up in Feb with the opthamology. He said that he would like to keep up withe neurology and he would like to see another MRI of her head/brain so that we can see if there has been any change (there was fluid on her brain) and to def keep up with the eye dr cuz her eye is starting to cross again but he said that other than that he supports my decision and that as long as she continues to develop as far as motor skills and as far as speech, understanding, etc go that he wouldn't push any other specialists and tests. He even said that even if I didn't do neurology he would understand but he would def prefer I continue with that because of the fluid on her brain and if there gets to be too much they may have to do something about it.
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