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January 31st, 2009, 08:18 PM
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This question isn't necessarily JUST about the nursery, but it fits in..

Are you funny about getting used items for your LO (anything clothes, bouncers, cribs, dressers, etc)?
If you have more than one child, were you funny about it with your first, but not so much for your second +?

I am REALLY funny about it. I hate to be rude to people who offer things, but usually I just say I've already gotten that item even if I haven't yet. Maddox is my first baby and I can't HELP but want him to have the VERY best of everything. I also want it all to be new. I know it's probably ridiculous and I should WANT to be a bargain hunter. My mom says she was the very same way with me and with my younger brother she didn't care nearly as much We ordered Maddox's furniture from Walmart so it's not as if I HAD to have a $1500-1800 set from BRU, but I did want him to have new furniture with no scratches a "shine" to all the pieces. It makes me feel a bit selfish - but when it comes to my son, I'd go without if I had to for him to have the best of everything. It must be a new mommy feeling - or just me

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