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January 31st, 2009, 10:05 PM
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I bought tons of the adult diaper pads for early labor (incase my water breaks and I am still active) and for after the baby is born.

I also bought some reusable freezable nursing pads that I can use when my breasts are painfully engorged. They have a nipple cutout so just the surrounding area gets really cold.

I am hemorrhoid prone so I am also making sure that I have White Oak Bark and Calendula flowers on hand to make a tea that I will dilute with witch hazel. You can refrigerate it and use it as a compress or even a sitz bath. I have already had horrible hemorrhoid issues the past few weeks and this saved me when nothing else (including prescriptions) could reduce the size and discomfort of my hemorrhoid.

Emergen-C is definitely on my list and in my house!!

Everyone else pretty much listed everything that I can think of.

Oh, my midwifes supply sheet says that you should keep a full tank of gas in your car so that you are not stuck running to the gas station in the midst of an emergency transport.
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