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February 2nd, 2009, 12:18 AM
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Hi, Marie.

It's been such a busy 4 days I haven't had time to get on the computer.

It's been a challenging weekend to say the least. With dinner out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had alot of challenging meals but I made the most of them. I ate as many veggies as possible, drank a lot of water and avoided regular pop altogether (a previous addiction for me). I know I'm not down as much as I'd like to be but as long as the scale says I'm down tomorrow I'll be happy. I just reminded myself that it was my birthday, it only happens once a year, I'm going to enjoy it without going overboard on the food but still treat myself. All in all I think I made some good decisions. We'll see how the scale reflects it all tomorrow morning.

I haven't exercised at all this past week. The week coming up I'll have to start squeezing it in.

Sorry to hear you had a lethargic weekend. The meds can be very draining. What are you on right now? I'm trying to keep my mind as focused on the weightloss as possible as to avoid thinking of our next treatment so much. As you know that is very hard to do.

Time to go plan my breakfast and lunch then head off to bed. Take care and we'll chat tomorrow. Hope you get a good nights rest.
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