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February 2nd, 2009, 01:18 AM
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Have a boy or a girl for your next (could be your first) child ?
---A boy.
Eat salty things or sweet things?
Have a faithful husband or a fun husband?
---Fun husband
Trick or treat in an alligator costume or in an elvis costume?
---Alligator costume
Have a hideous picture of you posted on the internet or a bunch of bad comments?
---A bunch of bad comments
Treat your kids to ice cream because they did a good job on something or just because?
---Ummmm... They did a good job on something
Slam your fingers in the door or have a 40 pound weight drop on your toes?
---Slam fingers in a door
Find out the sex of your baby before you go into labor or afterwards?
Eat ice cream or candy?
---Ice cream
Never listen to music or always have a song stuck in your head?
---Always have a song stuck in your head (as long as the song could change)
Learn something new by listening or watching?
Be poor and happy or be rich and sad?
---Poor and happy
Have hairy legs all the time or hairy armpits?
---Hairy legs
Watch a movie or read a book?
---Read a book
Your husband cheat on you with a female or a male?
Eat nothing but pasta or nothing but chicken?
Get tickled for hours or be ignored for days?
---Tickled for hours
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