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February 2nd, 2009, 06:16 PM
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This was my list, compiled from the lists of others and edited to the things I cared about. I didn't ask every question with each midwife. And sometimes they answer several at once.

What is included in the fees?
What will I need to provide?
When do you require payment?
Do you work with insurance?
What happens with fees if my care is transferred to an OB?

How many births have you attended?
What are your expectations of clients during pregnancy?
Can you recommend or will you loan to us appropriate book, videos, internet sites, etc. to help us prepare for homebirth?
Do you require or recommend that my husband and I take a childbirth education class?
What do your checkups consist of?
Do you come to my home any time before I go into labor?
What prenatal tests do you recommend?
How do you feel about induction?
If I develop a condition that makes me high risk, do you have a doctor you normally use to transfer my care to? Do you also try to use this doctor for transfers during labor?
What is your cut-off for considering a baby to be premature and requiring a hospital birth?
What are your feelings on GD? Refusing testing?
Do you deliver breech babies?
What do you do to try to turn a breech baby?
How long do you allow a woman to go with her water broken?

General Labor
How many internal checks do you normally perform?
At what point in my labor will you or your assistant come to my home?
How many clients do you have due in any 4 week period
What do you perceive your role to be during my labor?
What are your expectations of clients during birth?
What equipment and supplies do you bring to a birth?
What natural pain relief techniques do you find to be most effective?
What is your usual approach to a labor that is progressing slowly?
How often do you listen to baby during labor?
Do you break the water for any reason?
How much time do you allow for the delivery of the placenta?
What happens if my perineum needs stitching/suturing?
Do you help with cleanup?
How long do you stay after the birth?
Do you have any problems with delayed clamping/cutting?

Potential Problems
Do you have guidelines or restrictions about who can give birth at home?
What is your definition of "high-risk"?
Do you allow the mother to go past 42 weeks and still have a homebirth?
What problems or complications in pregnancy would mean that a physician would become my primary maternity caregiver?
How would you handle a hemorrhage?
What is your episiotomy rate?
Shoulder dystoxia/cord prolapse?
What is your hospital transfer rate?
Under what circumstances do you transfer to hospital?
What would be the plan of action if a transfer to hospital were necessary?
What care would you give me if I need to transfer?
What is your Cesarean rate? What are the most common reasons?
Would you stay with me in the hospital? In the operating room? For how long after the birth?

Do you come to see me after I give birth?
What do these visits include?
Will I visit you after the birth? How Often? What do these visits include?
Do you examine the baby at any or all of your visits?
What does the examination include?

Hope this helps!

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