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March 20th, 2005, 02:03 PM
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Originally posted by Margaret@Mar 20 2005, 07:05 AM
Hi Norina,

I didn't read all the responses, but I 2nd, 3rd and 4th you finding another doctor pronto.

* First, the lack of compassion and understanding is horrendous even if it were true there was a problem.* Geez, how would he relay other potential problems?

* Second, 7 weeks is typically to early to determine anything (absent bleeding, severe cramping, medical history or other evidence of a problem).

* Finally, it is unethical for a doctor to discuss your medical history with a receptionist and for her to relay a message. (I'm not saying receptionists aren't privy to your records, but they are not supposed to be relaying medical information). If anything, that is a nurse's job.

I'm happy that everything is fine with your pregnancy. However, I imagine the stress of a thick-headed narcissist who is too busy to pick up the phone and comfort you after terrifying you is not good for you or your baby. I apologize if this is really mean, but I'm very angry this happened to you. I have no idea why doctors are the only people who are revered for being "special" when they have to have no real-life experience interacting with people before obtaining authority.

BTW, the answer to your original question is I could feel my baby's pulse at 10.5 weeks through my body (which is when I found out I was pregnant). I could see it and hear it at my first appointment at 12 weeks.

All the best to you,
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I learned so much from your e-mail...thank you! I read it out loud to my fiancee and we wrote down your key points and are planning on disucssing this with the Dr. tomorrow....We feel it's important we tell him our feelings even though we ARE changing Dr.'s.
I will write an update to you all after we have the ultrasound...appt. is at 10:45 Pacific time, I'd love all of your positive energy right about then
Again, thank you....
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