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March 20th, 2005, 03:33 PM
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Hi Norina!

I'm glad you have a plan of action for resolving this with your doctor. If you can stand just one more bit of advice, I would recommend you request your records and have them in hand just in case the meeting does not go as well as you would hope.

I am suggesting this based on my personal experience. I made the mistake of thinking my doctor was professional and tried to discuss my concerns politely; however, he did take it personally and made things very difficult for me. (He violated my confidentiality and gossiped about me with my employer and co-workers making life at work very difficult).

At first, he refused to give me my records. In some states, it is legal for them to charge a photocopying fee, so he said he would give me my records when the fee was paid upfront at $25.00 per page. Finally, I just asked for the most important documents to be sent to another doctor (no charge for that) and there was so much false information and half-truths in the pages they were useless. My situation took a turn for the worse and three other providers who were working with my doctor also refused to see me as a result of his tantrum. In retrospect, I learned quite a bit about human nature and protecting myself better. I am sure this is not the case with ALL doctors and I hope yours is a little more stable. However, I would encourage you to tie up any loose ends while things are still amicable.

Please keep us posted. I will be sending you tons of positive energy and well wishes for the very best outcome for you and your baby.

Best regards,

I learned so much from your e-mail...thank you! I read it out loud to my fiancee and we wrote down your key points and are planning on disucssing this with the Dr. tomorrow....We feel it's important we tell him our feelings even though we ARE changing Dr.'s.*
I will write an update to you all after we have the ultrasound...appt. is at 10:45 Pacific time, I'd love all of your positive energy right about then
Again, thank you....
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