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February 27th, 2009, 11:55 AM
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Thinking of having closely spaced children? here are some pros & cons written by members of our board which may help you decide if this is the right choice for you.


CTH3989 - "They are so close already and I have baby items left over from my oldest"

Babydahl - "You can reuse mostly everything. Nothing is usually outdated/expired."
"The youngest has been the only child for just a short amount of time and GENERALLY adjusts to a new baby quite easily."
"I found my oldest to be VERY eager to help from the start, wanting to help with feedings/diapers/baths and so on. She is even more excited this time around when she fully understands what's going on."
"With being close in age they seem to have similar interests around the same time (at least this is the case with my 2 girls)."

Sarah* - "They entertain each other and are close, they share the same clothes (same size) which saves me money too"

GiftsfromGod - Not needing to buy everything new for the baby (especially if they are the same gender) This is especially nice when it comes to the "big" purchases such as carseats, swings, ect.

Armywife2004 - can reuse most items. Similar intersts in toys and activities. they get along better, the older child never remembers being an only child, so sharing is easier (at least for mine)

Luvmyfamily - always a playmate, they grow up close

Clouise - They make the best of friends. You still have all your baby gear. They can share similar interests. The younger one learns so much from the older one.


Sarah* - "Twice the nappies which gets pretty expensive, we go through loads of wipes too. Sometimes i feel i am not giving my eldest the attention she deserves because i am having to look after my youngest too."

babydahl - "2 in diapers isn't too fun."
"Having to buy 2 of certain things (eg. Layla will be 17 months when Small Baby is born and both will be needing cribs.)"
"Negative/rude comments (eg. Were they all planned? You're crazy! I don't know how you're going to be able to handle it!)"

GiftsfromGod - A couple of cons would be the morning sickness when you still have a LO, and that most people think you are crazy or have the need to ask if this baby was planned or not even when it's none of their business!

Armywife2004 - diapers, having people ask you if you are crazy or was it an accident, having to buy 2 of items

Luvmyfamily - it's challenging at times going out alone with them

Clouise - Lack of sleep. Having morning sickness while caring for an infant. Having to buy multiple sets of some baby items - car seats, cribs, strollers, etc. The expense of two in diapers. Difficulty in going out at first...its almost like having twins.

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