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February 5th, 2009, 09:12 PM
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Hey Ladies,

I had a hectic day but truly fabulous. It started off with my dh passing a major test that will give him a big pay increase and then went on to see the RE...followed by putting our first offer on a potential home.

As for what happen with the RE: We were a little shaky because she was 30 minutes late and we were on a strict time schedule. She preety much explained her thoughts and I shared that we really will pay extra in order to preserve my health after last cylces ER visits with no FET to show for it. She believes that considering the numbers and my hyperstimulation last cycle that we should do ICSI. I asked also about PGD but she thought that it would not make a difference. I will be starting birth control(was so excited I forgot to ask when)so she gave me a prescription and is shooting for March to be my cycle month. So now I am waiting for my AF to start in order to get a solid schedule.

Wish me luck...Is anyone else doing there IVF cycle in March?
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