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February 7th, 2009, 08:52 AM
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BFP today at 11DPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to come in here and make a list of my symptoms for every DPO because I know when I was in the 2ww I loved to hear other peoples symptoms!!

1-4DPO Nothing really was kind of bloated but I always am after ovulation
5-6DPO Creamy cm and sore throat
7DPO Creamy cm, cramps, a BIT of nausea in the AM only lasted about 5 minutes, and a little fatigued
8DPO Creamy cm, bloated, Noticed peeing a little more often, Shooting pain started today it started in lower left back and ended in lower left abdomen pretty odd, stuffy nose
9DPO Creamy cm, cramps, pinching/pulling type feeling, and noticed the "bumps" around my nipples were bigger looking
10DPO Creamy cm, cramps (were really low in abdomen), bloated, Nausea at night that lasted for a good 2hrs, smells of food were making me queasy
11DPO BFP!! Creamy cm, cramps, backache, nausea
Cycle #1-9 - All Natural....5BFN's, 4BFP's (all ended in miscarriage)
Cycle #10-11 - Met with first RE, diagnosed with heterzygeous MTHFR mutation & slightly low SA on all counts. -BFN, Cycle #12 - First IUI+Trigger - BFN, Cycle #13 - BFN
Cycle #14-15 - Met with new RE, diagnosed with a blocked right tube that previous RE completely overlooked or didnt care to mention. Soy (120mg) - BFN
Cycle #16 - Clomid (100mg) - BFN, Cycle #17 - Clomid (100mg)+Trigger+IUI - BFN
Cycle #18 - Acupuncture+Clomid (100mg) - BFN
Cycle #19-27 - 2 Soy (160mg) cycles, the rest all natural also 30lbs lost!! - BFN's
Cycle #28 - New RE is GREAT! Put on bcp 7/6/11, Lap surgery 8/1/11- Tubal cyst (5cm) found and removed, Uterine Septum removed, and Stage II-III endo removed. Cycle #29 - All Natural - BFN, Cycle #30 - All Natural - BFN, Cycle#31 - All Natural - BFN, DONE TTC FOR NOW

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