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February 9th, 2009, 02:57 PM
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After about a week of contractions 3 minutes apart and a hospital trip, they told me not to come back until my pain was worse. On the 2nd I went in around 8:30pm in serious pain, but without cervical changes they kept me for one hour, gave me ambien and morphene and sent me home. I awoke rather violently at 3:30am... with each contraction I cried and cried, but my boyfriend was not up for another hospital trip just to be sent home... so he made me wait it out. Looking back on it, I'm glad he did, but boy, at the time I was about to cut his you-know-what off! We got to the hospital by 5:30am and I was 5cm dialated. FINALLY!!! My next thought was, "where in the hell is my epidural?!" After my brief meeting with the very attractive anesthesiologist, I was sailing smooth... napping, laughing, and talking. After my nap, I rolled over to my other side and went from 8 to 10 cm just like that!!! But then they asked me to push... and I flipped out and started to cry... I was so scared!! I only pushed for about 20 minutes and out she came... at 2:15 in the afternoon. 7lbs 13 oz 20.5" and so beautiful One of the best parts of the delivery (besides the short pushing time) was that my boyfriend was able to deliver her... with the doctors help of course, but he helped the head out, sucked her little nose and mouth, then placed her on my belly... it was really magical lol here she is....

Little Ilee

all red and angry

All clean and beautiful!!!
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