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February 9th, 2009, 09:40 PM
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your children to college? How do you handle sports/dance/music lessons?

I don't know very many people with large families. I am asking because we currently have 2 and are trying for #3. I was hoping for 2-3 more little ones and was hoping if they were spaced apart just right, we would be able to handle everything financially.

Well, a curve ball was thrown at me tonight. DH called to tell me his half-sister that we don't know very well, has had her 4 children taken away from her and put into state custody. Their parents have had a drug problem for many years.

FIL is thinking of trying to get custody of them and try to adopt them, but cannot take care of the two littlest ones who are between 1-3 years old.

We have waited 8 years to try to have another baby because we needed to make sure we could financially care for them all. I couldn't in my heart have more kids unless I knew that by having more wouldn't take away from the ones I had now, if that makes sence.

My heart says, yes try to get those kids and help them and do what is right, but my head says there is no way we could do this and have more of our own.

I am just so overwhelmed right now. Thanks for any advice

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