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February 9th, 2009, 10:38 PM
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Being a mom of a large family isn't easy. Being a family means making sacrifices and taking chances.

If you feel in your heart that your DH's half sister's kids should stay in the family, then make your move. Personally, I would take them if I had the opportunity, the foster care system was pretty harsh for me. I hated it and I hated that no one in our family would let me stay with them. I am NOT trying to sway you to take them but that's my personal choice.

Maybe you can take them for a period of time that allows the mother and father to go through rehab and counseling. Then slowly work them back into the family home.

As for paying for college, you need to speak with a banker or an investment company. There are a lot of options for college funds. For sports/dance/music lessons there are ways to save on that. Music lessons are being started at earlier ages in school now, I know they start some beginner stuff here in 3rd grade. You'll have to see how much sport league cost in your area. I do know know of some parents here that were fed up with the costs of sports and started a pick up league for their kids.

I wish you the best of luck hun and welcome to the board.

just heard of a website called try that!

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