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February 10th, 2009, 01:22 PM
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A cousin of mine was born with a heart disease in the early 70s. The wall of heart was too thin and it was determined it could not contain the pressure of the circulation system and would require surgery. Children's Hospital of Orange patched her heart up and gave her some time to live. It was not expected that she would live to be 20, but at least she could live for a while.

Her growth was stunted (she never reach 5 feet tall), but her spirit was overdeveloped to compensate. She was the happiest person always full of enough cheer to make everyone around her feel good. I mean ALWAYS, seriously, she should have been the spokesperson for Disneyland, she was the happiest PERSON on earth.

Well, she lived and lived on. She even got to have the experience of a huge cathedral wedding and lived in a happy marriage for a few years. But at the age of 25, the patch gave out. They knew it wouldn't last forever and it lasted longer than it should have, but we were all still shocked when it was time to say goodbye.

As it turns out, in her later years (yes the 20s were her later years) she wasn't very good about getting to the doctor regularly for checkups. It turns out, the blow-out might have been avoided if she had.

So, 2 things I guess I am trying to share with all of you with heart babys:
1) Times may be difficult for you, but the life being promoted will end up bringing you the most joy ever.
2) Without being paranoid about it, it's good to be supportive of check ups for your heart baby when they are grown. You all remember your teens and 20s, not the time in your life that you were the most responsible about doctor checkups right?

I would like to thank CHOC. The work they did 40 years ago provided me with a friend who made my life happier, and whose memory makes me smile still.
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