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February 10th, 2009, 09:51 PM
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I guess I'm kind of odd....I had 3 homebirths at 3 different homes and it didn't bother me to move, didn't even think of it too much, except I didn't enjoy the process of moving with a baby. The first was born in our bachelor apartment and then when she was 5 weeks old we moved to a 3-bedroom townhouse, I was soooo excited! The second, when I was pregnant with ds, we moved to another 3 bedroom townhouse due to dh's work at the time, we were excited that he was getting a good job that paid more than we had before, ds was born in this house. Exactly a year after moving, we moved to a 2-bedroom apartment. That move was not so enjoyable, not because we were moving from the home ds was born in but becuase it was hard to go from a 3 bedroom townhouse with a finished basement and small backyard to a 2-bedroom apartment with just a balcony, but dh needed to complete a few courses related to his field. We stayed there for a year, then moved a few hours away to dh's parents' home due to work, I was nervous about this. I did not like living with the in-laws, plus we lived in there unfinished basement and shared kitchen and bathroom, it was an AWFUL experience. It was onyl supposed to be for a couple of months but ended up being a year, we had our second ds there (3rd dc) in the basement, then when he was 2 months old we moved to a 3-bedroom townhouse, I was ECSTATIC! So, I guess for me, although I'll always cherish the homes I brithed my children in, never gave it a second thought about moving. I guess I'm weird!
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