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February 11th, 2009, 12:23 PM
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Welcome Meredith!
First off, congrats on your little bub! I was just like you (almost)-- went in for an u/s at 9 weeks due to some spotting. we saw the baby and I immediately knew that things weren't "right". Then the tech tried to find the hb and there was no hb to horrible. All of us here at PAL understand all of the feelings that you are having right now. Not only do we have the worry about a new pregnancy, we also worry about losing it. Every little anything is something more that we worry about. Please understand that you are completely normal for having these floods of emotion.
I will be completely honest with you and say that I am still worried about losing this baby and I am 31 weeks preggo now. I will worry until I have her in my arms. I will also say (something that not enough people admit to after a lose and getting preggo again) that I didn't really allow myself to accept the baby at first. I don't feel like I bonded as quickly with her as I did with my son during early pregnancy. You will find a way to make it through...some how we always prevail!
I wish you the best of luck and TONS of sticky dust.

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