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February 11th, 2009, 03:55 PM
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I talked to my midwife (or soon to be) today. I have a very irregular cycle but told her the day of MLP, the day I think I concieved and the dates I took my one negative and 2 positive pregnancy tests. From those 4 dates, I think we had a pretty good range of EDD. It was within in a 2 week period and due dates aren't exactly the day that all babies make their arrival. Anyway, she then started talking about ultrasound and referring out to get an exact date (which seems silly when the babies don't arrive right on the due date). I'm feeling disappointed and like this is going to be the way of my whole pregnancy. I haven't even met her yet and she is already recommending medical test (an $800 medical test no less!). Should I try and find someone else or go to the appointment and see how it goes? What do you think?
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