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February 12th, 2009, 09:29 AM
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Cycle #4 CD2

Just a little update... We are adding a few things into the mix this cycle to increase our chances because if we dont get pregnant this cycle we are going through with the testing to see if there is an underlying problem. Also, if I get pregnant and we have another loss (god forbid) then we will be doing the testing for sure in that case because that almost screams PROBLEM!

So what I was doing before was only temping and checking cm, and we are going to add:

Vitamins B6 and B12
1 baby aspirin per day
My pre-natal

Jason also will be taking a 1 a day vitamin, thats all he can really do on his end because he is the healthiest guy I know. He doesnt drink and caffeine only milk and eats very well.

I hope this cycle results in a STICKY bfp!
Cycle #1-9 - All Natural....5BFN's, 4BFP's (all ended in miscarriage)
Cycle #10-11 - Met with first RE, diagnosed with heterzygeous MTHFR mutation & slightly low SA on all counts. -BFN, Cycle #12 - First IUI+Trigger - BFN, Cycle #13 - BFN
Cycle #14-15 - Met with new RE, diagnosed with a blocked right tube that previous RE completely overlooked or didnt care to mention. Soy (120mg) - BFN
Cycle #16 - Clomid (100mg) - BFN, Cycle #17 - Clomid (100mg)+Trigger+IUI - BFN
Cycle #18 - Acupuncture+Clomid (100mg) - BFN
Cycle #19-27 - 2 Soy (160mg) cycles, the rest all natural also 30lbs lost!! - BFN's
Cycle #28 - New RE is GREAT! Put on bcp 7/6/11, Lap surgery 8/1/11- Tubal cyst (5cm) found and removed, Uterine Septum removed, and Stage II-III endo removed. Cycle #29 - All Natural - BFN, Cycle #30 - All Natural - BFN, Cycle#31 - All Natural - BFN, DONE TTC FOR NOW

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