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February 12th, 2009, 01:26 PM
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Sorry for the abbreviations. ISP is "Individualized Service Plan" and is basically an every 6 months meeting to discuss what is happening in Lil Buddy's case (all foster kids have these). We've had two so far and they are nothing because bio family has never been involved. Bio family being involved means we have to figure out a lot more stuff. TPR = Terminate Parents Rights which means the bio family would no longer have any right to Lil Buddy at all.

They've had one visit with Lil Buddy ever. They live 6 hours away but never call to check on him. I've sent pictures to them and never heard from them about that (that they might like them, want more, want none... just nothing at all). At the one visit, when I picked him up the bio grma said to me, "Enjoy him while you have him, he'll be coming home soon." Ugh, I haven't liked her since... lol.

I would love Lil Buddy to know and even possibly live with his bio family IF and this is a BIG IF they WANT him and will put him above ALL else in their lives. I don't see these folks doing that so I'm less than thrilled that they want to be a part of his life at all.

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