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February 14th, 2009, 08:49 AM
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While I was pregnant, I put a big song list together, of relaxing music. I chose alot of asian flute, and native american flute music. This was to help me stay focused, and think of my ancestors who have gone through it before. It worked great usually.

Also, about a month before I was due, my sister had a blessing-way for me. Every woman that came, brought atleast 1 bead that had meaning to it. They explained the meaning behind it, and we made a bracelet. I wore the bracelet during labor. most of the beads represented past women, or my grandmothers, etc. It gave me a focal point, and kept me strong.

Other than that, I REALLY relaxed when I would sit in the birthing pool, and everyone would leave the room. My labor would progress so much more too!
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