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March 21st, 2005, 09:41 PM
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I'm sorry you're feeling this way. The surprise of being pregnant and the hormones that come with it put us on emotional roller coasters. I think we all go through it to some degree. I talked to my husband about my negative feelings toward him when I wasn't feeling them so that he understood that I appreciated him even if I pushed him away sometimes. He was very understanding.

Also, it is very hurtful when we know the people we care about are disappointed in us even if they don't say those words. We all deserve to feel like someone supports and encourages us even when they don't always agree with our decisions. Sometimes people don't even realize how their attitudes and behaviors impact us. I don't know if you feel comfortable talking to him about it, but maybe you can explain exactly what you need from him right now as you work through the realization of being pregnant.

I hope you have better days soon,
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