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February 16th, 2009, 02:45 PM
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What motivated you through your labor? Reminding myself it won't last forever and that it'll be worth it cause we'll be meeting our son soon! Not much bigger motivator than him, especially being 12 days overdue, I was dying to meet him already!
What was it you focused your mind/heart on to help you through your labor? pretty much same as above
Did you use candles and music? Pictures? Hypnosis? candles: yes, music: yes- they both helped me relax, I loved listening to Jack Johnson, John Mayer
What was the main thing that kept you focused when labor got intense? Honestly, surrendering to each contraction and just going with it, rocking, swaying, and making low moaning noises.

Other things that helped were DH being there by my side. I needed him to hold me, to squeeze his hands and for hip counter pressure. And of course him telling me sweet, motivational things.

oh yea forgot to add the birth pool helped tremendously. DH even said he saw a difference in my response to labor once I got in.

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