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February 20th, 2009, 02:18 PM
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We both work at the same place and we were talking the other night. He told me how "The more we get involved in this [homebirth] the more I want to educate others. I hate talking to ___ and ___ at work because sometimes they just don't get it!"

It was so sweet I didn't think he was taking that much to how beneficial a homebirth is... he can be very secretive about his true feelings!

Today as I was leaving work I was talking to two guys (one who knew we were having a homebirth and thought it was interesting) and the other guy is having his first boys (wife preggo with twins) and his face went blank when he asked me where I was having my baby at and said "home". LOL! He did the, "I'd really just want to be at the hospital with all the dr.'s and machines and etc. . . in case something went wrong. . blah blah blah"

WHATEVER. I get really annoyed when ppl make comments on something they are so ignorant about. Makes them look really stupid. LOL!
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