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February 21st, 2009, 12:09 PM
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Hi MamaFish,

The insurance stuff is really confusing. The part of insurance that we have the $10,000 deductible on right now doesn't cover any maternity stuff, none of the doctors visits, not the birth, none of it. It would, however, cover emergency surgery, such as c-section if that was needed.

We are paying for a separate maternity rider that covers the maternity stuff and we have a deductible there of $2500. So if I keep the rider and opt for a hospital birth then it would cost us no more than $2500. However, the rider is expensive (monthly) and the insurance for the rest of my family is now worse because to make it affordable I upped our general deductible to $10,000. Does that make sense?

I'm thinking of dropping the maternity rider, because I'm thinking I'd rather birth at home and it wouldn't cover home birth anyway. It would be cheaper in the long run to drop the maternity rider, have better overall insurance in the case of emergency c-section (not to mention the rest of my fam) and pay for a home birth midwife at the cost of $3200.

I'm just wondering if that is maybe a big risk if something were to happen and my midwife said, "nope, you can't birth at home, you must do it in a hospital." This is where I'd be screwed because I would not be covered for any of that hospital birth.

I know this is really confusing and I'm not sure I'm explaining it well. I'm just hoping someone has been there or has some advice.
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