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February 21st, 2009, 12:57 PM
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I decided maybe I should add a better intro here. I didnt really ever explain who I am or anything about my and Seth. Me and Seth got married On Dec 3rd of 2006. I was 19 and he was 23. We always talked about having two kids but we didnt really get so thrilled about it until our best friends Ryan and Katie got pregnant. Well actually, I got excited when she got pregnant. And she really wanted me to be pregnant with her so her and Ryan were always trying to talk us into trying. Well 9 months passed and she gave birth to Natalie, a gorgeous baby girl. We both fell in love. And that was a first for me. I dont normally like other peoples kids that much, but ever since seeing that little girl I see women with their babies and I just nearly go to tears because I want it so bad. Its strange how fast things can change on you. Within a week after meeting Natalie for the first time Seth finally woke up one morning and said, "dont take your pill". Those 4 words changed my life.

Feb 21st 2009
Just thought I'd go ahead an start a journal on here. I've only been TTC for 2 weeks. I went off BCP mid cycle on February 6th. I had my period two days later. I'm already having positive OPK's. Took one yesterday morning and then last night and then this morning. Pos/Neg/Pos. So I should be ovulating. I can't wait to see DPO on my chart!! I'm so excited that I already seem to be having a very regular cycle. Especially since I stopped BCP mid cycle. But I have hopes for getting pregnant as soon as this month because my mom got pregnant with all 3 children within the month after birth control. My cousin got pregnant while on birth control, and my aunt has like 6 kids and has always gotten pregnant right when she starts TTC.

DH's brother and his wife are apparently talking about TTC in August. I don't exactly agree with this as they've only been together for a year(just got married in october), and with the way that they fight I don't think they have a stable enough relationship to handle a kid. I really wish they would wait just a bit longer for the sake of the child. Another problem is that we are TTC and I don't really want to be pregnant with her, as we don't exactly get along but are forced to, not to mention can you imagine two girls who dislike each other to an extent being stuck together hanging out while pregnant?? Should be interesting. One more reason why I hope I get pregnant this month or at least a few months before august. I don't want to get stuck having to wait until she's over her pregnancy.

I'm a little frustrated as they shouldn't even be thinking of kids when they cannot support themselves. They live at her dads house and DH's parents are paying for a lot of things for just seems impractical....hopefully they have things figured out and he's got a full time job before august. I'm very worried about the child if they do conceive so soon without financial stability.

Anyways, that was sort of just my vent for the day....let's hope those spermies are making it to the egg today!!! Wish me luck!! And send me some baby dust!!

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