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February 21st, 2009, 11:08 PM
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Are your sister's rights still intact? In other words, does she still have rights to get that child back whenever? Are your parents the legal guardians of that child? Or are they the adoptive parents of that child? Or does that child just live with them?

You would probably want to gain guardianship at the very least if not adoption. Guardianship is a fairly easy process if all parties are agreeable. So, if your sister still has her rights and the father of the child is known, they would go and sign guardianship over to you. If your parents are the adoptive parents, they sign over guardianship.

Call an adoption attorney to ask all the ins and outs.

Let us know what happens![/b]
My parents are the legal guardians of her. Im pretty sure her rights are still intact but im not 100% positive. She went to prison when my parents started taking care of her. I do know that the father wants nothing to do with her and her mom well thats a whole other story in itself. Its the saddest thing I have ever seen and I just dont understand how she can do that to her daughter. I will be sure to keep everyone updated and come here if I have more questions. Or just to chat. thanks hun.

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