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February 23rd, 2009, 04:23 PM
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28 weeks tomorrow so I figured I'll post here...

On modified bedrest due to contractions. They are annoying but not doing anything. Hopefully I'll be off soon.[/b]
Yah for 28 weeks thats HUGE!!! Im sure they will go away with really is very hard, I hope it passes VERY quickly for you!

I'm 30wks and feeling great. I haven't started the nursery yet but I did buy the fabric for the drapes in the nursery, picked the colours, and have an idea of the other fabrics for the bedding and such (stripes, dots, and damask). I'm designing it all and loving the creative process. I can't wait to get to doing the actual work (my mom's doing the sewing and I'm doing the other decor projects). I'm planning on being done by the end of March.[/b]
Woohoo 30 weeks! Where has the time gone? Glad you are doing great! I wish I had a creative bone..but nope not even one. Dh and My mom did the nursery

I've got the bassinet set up next to my bed, and everything else is pretty much ready too. He'll be sharing with Erin in a couple of months, so when we're ready we'll buy her a new bed and put him in the crib. Erin's sleeping in the crib switched to the toddler bed position.[/b]
Yah for being so close Brit!

I'm doing pretty good...just really tired and everything hurts.

The nursery is done!

The birth plan is done!

I think we're pretty much ready for Camryn's arrival now.[/b]
Wooohooo..Im glad everything is done..hope you get some energy soon..I remember a burst toward the end
LO will be in our room (first in bassinet, then in crib) for AWILE! I just can't stand having my babies away from me![/b]
I did the same thing..bassinett first then packnplay with the bassinett mat..DH laughs at me..because I swore Nathan was going in his crib after 4 months, and that I would not put it in our room..well I found away around it!
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