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February 23rd, 2009, 09:26 PM
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People always say a woman is __________ for having a homebirth: brave, crazy, irresponsible, fill in your own word. I have had four homebirths (planning a fifth) because I am educated/informed and believe this is the safest thing for mother and baby in a normal pregnancy. But... knowing about things like blood loss, babies not breathing, cord wrapped around a neck where transfer is neccessary, blah, blah, blah... I would never be comfortable birthing alone or even with just dh here. I want someone with experience and a cool head to recognize potential problems and deal with actual ones. I am amazed at my mw's intuition and experience. While she does nothing really to "help" me give birth, I know she is trained to handle a potentially serious problem should one arise. Otherwise, she just supports me, which in itself was very important my first two births.

So... how do you prepare to birth unassisted. Do you get training on resuscitation and have equipment ready? Do you have the little pink pills on hand in case of too much bleeding? Do you learn about how to deal with other problems during labor or after birth?

I truly am clueless and I'd love to know more about your decisions. I had never heard of so many uc until this forum.

How did I prepare...
I don't see birth as medical.
I had my third at home with a midwife.
I called her for my fourth, and every other midwife in Alberta, and none were available/willing to come to me (I lived over 300 miles from the nearest midwife).
It was either unassisted or hospital/medical.
It was an easy choice, no need to medicalize a normal, healthy pregnancy/mom/baby, so I didn't.

I did not purchase resucitation equipment, saw no need, less than 5% of babies need anything if you don't add in interventions. I do know CPR, as does my husband, if we needed it.

Not sure what the "little pink pills" are that you referred to, but I didn't have "medication". I did have tinctures, if needed, they are still sealed up, never been opened.

There are few problems that may occur in labour, but I was prepared for shoulder dystocia, cord wraps, non-responsiveness, if needed.

Here is part of it.

I chose to have a baby, I chose to be responsible. If I had a RM and something happened, yes, I would hope that she would "fix it", but I wouldn't hold her "responsible". I do not mean this in a rude way, but as a Canadian I rarely think of someone as liable, but I did already (with my 3rd) come to the mindset that I was responsible and in charge of my own health/body. So as such I was ready for the above possibilities.

As it turned out, baby 4 did have cord around his neck, tight, I couldn't loosen it so I pushed past it. He was blue, non-responsive, not moving at birth. I picked him up, suctioned with my own mouth and rubbed his back vigourously. I also remained calm for a few reasons, #1 being uncalm wouldn't help anyone. He is fine now and was a few moments later.

I dunno, I just knew things would be ok, I trusted birth, I trusted my body, I trusted God.


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