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February 24th, 2009, 07:24 AM
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Why did you choose homebirth?
I chose a home birth because of my first sons hospital birth experience. Everything that was done to me, shouldn't have been done. Including the c-section.

Did you know someone that has birthed at home before?
Nope, not a single soul!

Did you observe/attend a homebirth before? (if so, who)

Did you read about it?
I had done reading up on it in order to better educate myself on it and be fully aware of it to present the idea to my husband.

Did you watch a film on it?
The Business of Being Born

Tell why you are/have birthed at home.
Well, my first birth was a cascade of interventions. I was 19 and easily scared by the doctors. My son was posterior so I was going to labor and push longer. By 23 hours and 1 1/2 of pushing they decided to take him by section. But this was not until after having pitocin, morphine, an epidural and a ton more pitocin. Once I got my birth records for my midwife, I found out NONE of it needed to be done, they were just in a rush because I wasn't going quick enough for them.
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